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Animal Eye are skilled animal welfare consultants to the retail, exhibition, entertainment and charitable sectors. With over 30 years experience gained in the most demanding of environments, we have a highly developed sense of duty and empathy not only towards clients but also to the animals in their care. 


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Animal Welfare Investigations

Simply the Best

Simply put, Animal Eye are the UK and Ireland’s most experienced team of investigators in private sector animal welfare. Dog fighting, Cock fighting, Badger digging, Puppy farming and the trade in endangered species are just some of the subject areas we have covered.

Our investigations have been used as the basis for changes in animal legislation more times than we can mention. You won’t see us on the red carpet but our enquiries and footage have been used extensively in award winning documentaries, as well as the print media. Our services include:

  • Mobile, Rural and urban surveillance
  • Technical surveillance
  • Undercover operations
  • Test purchasing
  • Covert filming
  • Overt filming
  • Evidence gathering
  • Specialist Internet research
  • Forensic veterinary surgery
  • Crime Scene Investigations

Our Duty to Care

The Five Animal Welfare Freedoms

  • Freedom from hunger or thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress


Dr Maeve Moorcroft MVB MRCVS
Former Head of Pets / Large retail chain

Former Head of Pets for a large retail chain

I have worked with Alastair for many years in my previous role, which involved sourcing pets for a large retail chain, ensuring their welfare and acting as veterinary advisor. His experience and knowledge of animal welfare was extremely useful. He performed pet welfare audits and mystery shops for us and was always discrete, professional and completely trustworthy.

Kevin Degenhard
Former Chief Officer Inspectorate / RSPCA

Former Chief Officer

Having served for over 40 years in the RSPCA in the UK, my pre-retirement role being their Chief Inspectorate Officer, I got to know Alastair since I selected him to be an RSPCA inspector in 1996. He was an excellent student and having served as an RSPCA inspector his talents were recognised by the Irish SPCA where he became their first Director of Operations, developing that role and their new flagship shelter.As well as his uniformed RSPCA role he was an inspector in our Special Operations Unit which undertakes extremely challenging long term investigations, both intellectually and emotionally, in the UK and abroad.Alastair's accumulated animal welfare knowledge, investigation and management skills, plus his diverse former experiences complying with litigation procedures, prove most advantageous when carrying out animal welfare audits and current investigations.Alastair was always a pleasure to work with and a committed animal welfarist.

Dr A.J.M. Robson MRCVS
Forensic Veterinary Surgeon / Forensic Veterinary Surgeon, London

Forensic Veterinary Surgeon

I have known Alastair Keen for many years and we have worked together on a number of animal welfare cases. He is totally professional, dedicated, thorough and works hard to obtain as much evidence as possible in the course of his investigations before presenting it to prosecuting authorities. He shows genuine empathy with the animals he works with, knowing that he is their voice.

Stephen Philpott
Retired CEO / Ulster SPCA.

Ulster SPCA

I have worked in animal welfare for twenty five years. During that time I relied upon and depended upon the support of Alastair Keen. He served the RSPCA and Irish SPCA with distinction and was therefore a great assistance to my work in Ireland. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation needing expert advice in the field of animal protection. His company Animal Eye are a tremendous advocacy for all animals.

Tony Woodley
Inspector / RSPCA


Alastair was an officer with the Special Operations Unit of the RSPCA Inspectorate for a period of years after being a frontline and uniformed officer with the RSPCA. I trained with him in 1996 and it was immediately obvious that he has a strong passion for animal welfare as well as a talent for detailed analysis and data based decision making.

Dave Young
Producer & Director / Podfilms, Bristol


We've used Alistair on a number of shoots when working with animals, mostly dogs. He fits in as one of the team, understanding our need to get the shots. His experience with animals and people means he has the ability to help the handler get the best out of the animal while looking after its welfare.

Brian Dalton
Former Head of Training / RSPCA


Alastair's creativity came to the fore in his role as Director of Operations, achieving a highly efficient output from a very tight budget and limited resources.

Our Duty To Care

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